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JMBAND.IN  - info.

JMband is a joint venture between Universal - India and JMband – Denmark. 
Univaersal has many years of experience in production and customization of narrow fabrics such as lanyards, textile wristbands and paper wrist bands. Printing techniques which Universal offers are direct and rotational screen printing, sublimation, tampo pad printing and UV direct substrate.

JMband has developed marketing tools and dedicated websites for selling custom made and stock items such as the above mentioned.
By joining forces Universal and JMband are offering the combination of local professional production skills along with high European standards of products and service.

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Customizing using Online Designers

JMband pioneered the concept of Online Designing, offering our customers the ability to customize paper wristbands on their computer screen. From the beginning, we added designing flexibilities that were far ahead of other designers on the internet. Today we offer complex product designing capabilities and have added a whole line of products that can be customized online. Users can easily personalize the item they need, saving time and costs. Designing printed paper wristbands with text and logo directly on the screen, is very visual and offers a choice of color, size, fonts and positioning. We have overcome the challenge of designing elongated and vertical wide ribbon articles. At present, our online designers for customizing products are among the most advanced designers in the world.

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